Market Launch of PoET System – Pushing blood screening forward

Frankfurt/Main – GFE today unveiled its vision for the future of NAT testing in blood screening, the PoET system. A fully automated instrument, sophisticated software and a series of NAT tests make up this powerful solution for blood screening laboratories. Out of the gate, the PoET system features highly sensitive NAT tests for HCV, HBV, HIV, HAV, B19V and HEV, with WNV scheduled to follow this spring for seasonal testing. The PoET Instrument reaches a new level of integration and covers the entire workflow from sample pooling, to sample preparation and PCR testing on a single platform.

“One of our major objectives, while designing and developing the PoET product line, was to offer as much versatility in one small and powerful package as possible.” said Dr Holger Fey, Programme Director PoET System at GFE.

The PoET Instrument can process individual samples, mini-pools generated on separate equipment or generate mini-pools as part of a comprehensive workflow from primary sample tube to final result, without requiring any hands-on-time in the meantime. Naturally, positive identification and full traceability of samples and reagents are included.

“Even though virus NAT screening shares many similarities, where ever you look around the world, labs are often faced with difficult choices regarding NAT testing systems, because their implementation may require adjustments to a number of other processes already up and running in the lab.” Dr Fey noted. “Our goal is to make this an easy decision by offering a NAT system that is easy to integrate into existing workflows and consumes little lab space. All of this without any compromises in terms of performance, of course. Special care was taken not to exclude any size or type of laboratory by design.”

The NAT tests PoET HCV, PoET HBV, PoET HIV, PoET HAV, PoET B19V and PoET HEV are all approved and CE-marked for blood screening and confirmatory testing. The tests feature all of GFE’s signature technologies like the HIV-1 Triple Target test and a non-competitive Internal Control.

Empowering laboratories to stay on top of blood safety, GFE’ next generation NAT testing solution, the PoET system, is now available as the daily driver of your testing routine.

GFE looks back on more than 15 years of experience in blood screening, with millions and millions of blood donations tested with GFE’s NAT systems. Having emerged from it herself, GFE is dedicated to serving the blood screening community.

GFE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the three German Red Cross organizations DRK Blutspendedienst West, DRK Blutspendedienst NSTOB, and Blutspendedienst des Bayerischen Roten Kreuzes.

PoET Instrument, PoET HCV, PoET HBV, PoET HIV, PoET HAV, PoET B19V and PoET HEV are not available in all countries. Please contact GFE for details.

GFE and LVL Technologies strengthen supply of COVID-19 antigen tests

Frankfurt am Main; Crailsheim, March  12, 2021. – GFE and LVL Technologies today announced to strengthening their long cooperation for the current sales and support of PCL’s COVID-19 antigen rapid test, whereas both companies combine their specific core competences to strengthen the market position.

“This cooperation is a major milestone to address the increasing demands of the highly volatile COVID-19 market for continuous supply and very fast delivery processes” said Dr. Reiner Babiel, CEO at GFE.

“With our well established international logistic and supply chain we are well positioned to satisfy high logistical challenges in the current Corona pandemic.” comments Martin von Lueder, CEO at LVL.

GFE’s experiences in IVD products and regulations provides the solid basis for the regulatory compliance and a professional support of customers.

LVL’s strength in international logistics guarantees a well-established  supply chain for the increasing demands of the  antigen test market during the Corona pandemic.

Jointly the two companies want to provide superior customer experience and product availability to help successfully fighting the Corona crisis.

LVL is a privately owned company for laboratory supplies with a long history in MedTech and Pharma industries.

GFE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the three German Red Cross organisations DRK Blutspendedienst West, DRK Blutspendedienst NSTOB, and Blutspendedienst des Bayerischen Roten Kreuzes.



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PoET HIV CE-IVD marked

Frankfurt am Main, March 12, 2021. – GFE announced the CE-IVD approval of its PoET HIV blood screening NAT test. The PCR kit is used on GFE’s new, fully integrated NAT testing solution, the PoET System. With this NAT test GFE continues its tradition as a leading provider of high-quality blood screening solutions.

“Despite a variety of powerful therapies, there is still no cure for or vaccination to prevent HIV infections. Therefore, transmission risk reduction particularly regarding transfused blood or blood components remains a key priority.” said Dr. Reiner Babiel, CEO at GFE. “Our Assay Development has redesigned the HIV assay, now allowing to detect all HIV clades including HIV-2 in one assay, either in screening or confirmatory format. In total five amplicons seamlessly work together to achieve superior performance and safety.”

The CE approval marks a major milestone in the launch process for the PoET product line. The PoET system features a fully automated instrument and on top of HCV, HBV and HIV an extensive menu for blood screening tests, including HAV, B19V, HEV and WNV. The market introduction of the PoET product line is scheduled for spring 2021.

The PoET HIV test features excellent sensitivity and a broad subtype coverage to effectively address the serology window period. The test is designed for mini pool testing as well as confirmatory testing of individual donations. Effective mini pool testing enables laboratories to increase sample throughput at lower costs per sample while maintaining very high blood safety standards.

GFE is a wholly owned subsidiary of the three German Red Cross organizations DRK Blutspendedienst West, DRK Blutspendedienst NSTOB, and Blutspendedienst des Bayerischen Roten Kreuzes.