Efficiency and safety
in NAT testing

PoET System

PoET® is a whole new system for the detection of viral nucleic acids in blood screening.

High performance PCR kits

Highly sensitive NAT tests for HCV, HBV, HIV, HAV, B19V, HEV and CMV, with WNV for seasonal testing.

Who we are

GFE was founded in 2005 by the German Red Cross Blood Donation Centres and quickly turned into a leading company for virus detection by nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT).

GFE’s founders are recognised experts in blood donation diagnostics and are strongly committed to top-level research. They have been influential in developing the techniques and procedures to establish NAT testing as a routine method for blood donor screening in Germany during the 1990s. This ground-breaking work enabled the German Red Cross to be among the first organisations worldwide to reach a new level of blood safety.

GFE offers its customers NAT tests for all transfusion relevant viruses featuring state of the art technologies, like multi-dye and multi-target assays with excellent sensitivity, specificity and robustness against target mutations.

Above all, GFE gladly places its long-standing experience in the field at the customer‘s disposal to assist in planning, integrating and setting up NAT testing logistics, strategies and workflows.

PoET System – Pushing blood screening forward

This is the future of NAT testing in blood screening. A fully automated instrument, sophisticated software and a series of NAT tests make up this powerful solution for blood screening laboratories. Out of the gate, the PoET® system features highly sensitive NAT tests for HCV, HBV, HIV, HAV, B19V and HEV, with WNV scheduled to follow this spring for seasonal testing. The PoET® Instrument reaches a new level of integration and covers the entire workflow from sample pooling, to sample preparation and PCR testing on a single platform.

Latest News

ISBT 2024 Barcelona

38th ISBT International Congress in Barcelona, Spain.Meet us from the 23rd to 27th of June 2024, booth E129.You’ll find all the details about ISBT here: https://www.isbtweb.org/events/isbt-barcelona-2024.html

ISBT 2023 Cape Town

We are glad to announce that GFE will attend  34th Regional Congress of the ISBT in Cape Town which will take place  November 18 - 21, 2023. We are looking forward to your visit at our booth B78. All Information on...

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