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13 Years

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50 %

of German blood donations tested

No better way for your routine testing- manually or automated

Scalable NAT Solutions for Blood Screening

Products and Support

Originated from a team of blood banking experts and PCR pioneers, GFE has developed into an acknowledged supplier for solutions of virus detection for blood screening laboratories.

Our comprehensive product portfolio for automated and manual sample processing provides the basis for scalable solutions for most laboratory sizes. In conjunction with the versatile offerings from our service and support group, we consult and enable our customers to build up their routine NAT screening laboratories and business.

Highest quality products, customised services, flexibility and adaptability to customer needs are fundamental pillars of our business.

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ISBT 2019

Meet us at the ISBT 2019 in Basel.

DGTI 2019

51. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Transfusionsmedizin…

The partner for your NAT blood screening needs.

  • We provide high-end solutions for the blood screening process.
  • We analyse and customise NAT screening workflows.
  • We enable our customers to streamline their processes.
  • We support our customers to achieve regulatory compliance.

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