Who we are

GFE was founded in 2005 by the German Red Cross Blood Donation Centres West and NSTOB together with the Blood Donation Centre of the Bavarian Red Cross and quickly turned into a leading company for virus detection by nucleic acid amplification technology (NAT).

GFE’s founders are recognised experts in blood donation diagnostics and are strongly committed to top-level research. They have been influential in developing the techniques and procedures to establish NAT testing as a routine method for blood donor screening in Germany during the 1990s. This ground-breaking work enabled the German Red Cross to be among the first organisations worldwide to reach a new level of blood safety.

GFE offers its customers NAT tests for all transfusion relevant viruses featuring state of the art technologies, like multi-dye and multi-target assays with excellent sensitivity, specificity and robustness against target mutations.

Above all, GFE gladly places its long-standing experience in the field at the customer‘s disposal to assist in planning, integrating and setting up NAT testing logistics, strategies and workflows.

The company

is located within an Innovation and Technology Campus in Frankfurt am Main / Germany next to the Goethe University and the Max-Planck Institute.

The products

are designed and developed for the qualitative virus detection and blood screening applications striving for outstanding products and services for the Blood Transfusion Community.

Our vision

is increasing patient safety by providing first-rate diagnostic tests and cutting edge solutions for blood testing.

General Management

Dr. Petra Rehberger


Susanne Suoka



The Bavarian Red Cross is a member association and national association of the Federal Association “German Red Cross e.V.”.

Prof. Dr. med. Axel Seltsam

Ärztlicher Geschäftsführer

The DRK Blutspendedienst NSTOB results from the union of the national associations of the German Red Cross Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Oldenburg and Bremen.

PD Dr. med. Oliver Meyer

Ärztlicher Geschäftsführer