A new level of efficiency for WNV screening

Frankfurt/Main – GFE today announced the launch of its PoET® WNV PCR kit. PoET® WNV is a CE-IVD marked test, based on real-time PCR technology, for the detection of West Nile virus RNA in human plasma samples. PoET® WNV is approved for mini-pool and individual donation testing and can be used for screening or confirmation. PoET® WNV is designed as a dual target assay and features industry leading sensitivity.

In the last years, West Nile virus infections have been an increasing concern for blood safety in European countries. As approximately 80% of infected people are asymptomatic, there is a comparatively high risk of transfusion transmitted WNV. The screening of donor blood is therefore critical in preventing transmissions of West Nile virus.

“With its 95% LoD of 1,9 IU/mL, our PoET® WNV test shows very high sensitivity. Used on our fully automated PoET® Instrument, the test enables WNV screening with mini-pools containing 48 donations and still comply with the sensitivity requirements set forth by the Paul Ehrlich Institute in 2022. With our unique testing efficiency, we do not only provide a simple method to test large numbers of donations, but it’s very cost-efficient, too.” said Dr Holger Fey, Programme Manager PoET System at GFE.

This CE approval, combined with its continual expansion of the PoET® blood screening portfolio, strengthens GFE’s mission to be a leading provider of fully automated integrated solutions for blood transfusion centres and laboratories.