A high throughput NAT analyser in major routine blood screening laboratories.


  • The autoX-System and the accompanying NAT tests were specifically developed for use in large blood screening laboratories with up to several thousand samples per day to be tested
  • Simultaneous testing of each sample for the parameters HCV, HBV, HIV-1, HIV-2, HAV and PB19 with GFE’s Virus Screening PCR Kit
  • High sensitivity, even for large pools by pre-analytical virus enrichment via high speed centrifugation
  • Approved for sample pools consisting of up to 96 individual samples, ID samples, and confirmatory samples
  • Throughput of a few hundred to more than 4000 donations per run, depending on pool size
  • Extensive assay monitoring with non-competitive Internal Control and independent PCR controls for the entire process
  • Extensive process monitoring via barcodes and liquid handling monitoring
  • Proprietary nucleic acid extraction as well as process management and result analysis software

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