Manual and Automated Processing

We provide scalable solutions for NAT testing. This ranges from high throughput screening of plasma pools all the way down to single sample pool resolution and the automated or manual confirmation of initially positive screening samples.

Addressing customer needs for NAT processing.

GFE takes care of customer requests for different throughput needs and varying demands associated with screening or confirmatory testing.

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PoET System

The PoET System builds up on the success of the autoX-System, promoting automated NAT testing to the next level of integration and usability.

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Link to: autoX


The autoX-System has been launched in 2009 and is the workhorse for the routine blood screening. More than 2 million blood donations get tested annually with these systems up to date.

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Manual testing

Besides the automated processing of confirmation tests, the analysis of smaller amounts of samples can be achieved by manual processing.

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