Confirmatory PCR Kits

The Confirmatory PCR Kits are specifically designed as sensitive tests to confirm HCV, HBV and HIV-1 positive screening results.

Confirmation testing

The Confirmatory PCR Kits offer a flexible approach for the sensitive verification of screening results. They allow manual or automated analysis of extracts from human EDTA plasma.

  • Designed for the qualitative detection of HCV, HBV or HIV-1.
  • Automated and manual use of Confirmatory PCR Kits addresses various throughput requirements.
  • Highly sensitive analysis in accordance with vote 34 of the Advisory Committee ‘Blood Safety’ (Arbeitskreis Blut) of the German Federal Ministry of Health.
  • The kits are intended to confirm HCV, HBV or HIV-1 positive screening results, respectively.
  • HIV-1 assay with triple target design, compliant with the PEI requirements 2014 for HIV screening.
  • Input of up to 400 µl sample volume, depending on applicable process.
  • Sample primary tubes or archive plates can be used as sample source.
  • A non-competitive internal control monitors the sample preparation and detection process.
  • Validated for automation on the autoX-System, or for manual processing with QIAamp® MinElute® Virus Spin Kit.
  • CE-IVD compliant.


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